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Frequently Asked Questions

Follicular suppression or delayed return to estrus has been reported when using an alternative deslorelin product – specifically a sustained release implant. Does SucroMate™ cause follicular suppression or delayed return to estrus?

Mean Interovulatory Interval in Days
Cycle Placebo
(1 mL)
SucroMate™ (1mL)
Cycle 1–2 26.1 (n=27) 22.3 (n=32)
Cycles 2–3 21.3 (n=9) 18.5 (n=11)

Based on current research, use of SucroMate™ according to label indications will not cause follicular suppression or delayed return to estrus. In a multi-center, GCP clinical effectiveness study, administration of SucroMate™ for 3 consecutive cycles had no affect on interovulatory intervals or FSH concentrations during diestrus. 

Are tips available for improving syringability of SucroMate™?

SucroMate™ Equine should be stored refrigerated (2-8⁰C). However, to improve syringability and ease of preparing doses, it is recommended to remove SucroMate™ from the fridge a few hours prior to use to allow it to warm up to room temperature . Alternatively, the vial can be placed in lukewarm water (<25⁰C) as this facilitates warming SucroMate™ to room temperature.

Short term warming and “rolling the product in your hands” prior to filling the syringes will not reduce the efficacy of SucroMate™. Return product to refrigeration (2-8⁰C) for long term storage. Do not use microwaves or hot water baths (>300C) to warm SucroMate™.

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